What to gift…for Easter (Part One)

Easter is the perfect time to get together with family and friends, enjoying good food and company. So why not give the gift of a beautifully arranged Easter lunch this weekend? Part one includes my round-up of some lovely seasonal decorations and entrées…

Whilst it’s an unusual custom in the UK, Spring floral wreaths hung on the front door may be perfect to set the tone for your Easter celebrations. If you prefer to keep things a little more low key, then perhaps prop a wreath in the window or on a mantelpiece. Maybe have a go at making your own using this lovely ‘how-to’ by The DIY Village. If you decide to make a creative project of it then consider artificial flowers and re-cycle the wreath each year. Withycombe Fair have a vast, beautiful (and very reasonable!) selection of artificial flowers and foliage.

Spring wreath

Image from Etsy shop TwoInspireYou

Alternatively you could place a large pail overflowing with Spring flowers in your home, which would make an incredible feature for the day. If you’re up for an early start then why not find out where your local flower market is and pop along to choose perfect blooms at dirt-cheap prices? Type ‘flower markets’ and your local area into a search engine to find your nearest market.

Image from Vibeke Design

Once people have arrived, you may want to consider some seasonal appetizers for the occasion. What you choose really depends on how much energy and time you have so, with this in mind, I have included a range of ideas to hopefully suit everyone.

If you have very little time or energy then perhaps just cut up some spring veggies, such as asparagus, and place in a tumbler alongside a couple of different dips. Decant the supermarket-bought dip into a ramekin (eat some Gü puddings tonight!) and you’re sorted.

If you’re feeling a bit more energetic you could try these amazing tomato tulips. They look so impressive yet are really very simple to create.

Image from Biblia Smaków

Image from Biblia Smaków

Alternatively, if you are running for Hostess/Host of the year then throw your energies into these carrot crescents

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

This concludes the Easter Art of Gifting Part One. Check in on part two, for festive table settings and the all important Easter lunch. 


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